No Data Caps

Don't worry about over using your internet connection. All you pay for is the speed on the line.

No Contracts

We don't believe in contracts. We are a pre-paid month to month based company. So no locked-in contracts.

Customer Service

Things can happen, and when they do, we have professional support technicians ready for you!

Request for Service


Not every company is created equal and every company focuses on different aspects. These are the benefits for choosing us as your Internet Service Provider.

We love our customers

Our customer service team cares about you. If you're not happy with service we work beyond the call of duty to get your service working.

No Data Caps

The sky is the limit. We don't limit you're data or throttle your speed due to the amount of data you use.

No Contracts

We don't believe in contracts. Why lock you into something you don't love. If you don't enjoy our awesome service you can cancel at anytime.

Fully Loaded

Did you know that we have a mobile app? With our mobile app you can pay your bill online, request for support, leave us feedback, live chat, and get assistance in troubleshooting your service. We also provide outage notification via the app as well. So you will always be informed when you use our app.

Live Chat

We provide live chat thru our mobile app, on this website, and on facebook. Try it today.

No Hidden Fees

We don't have any hidden fees or any type of "special recovery fees". You simply pay for the service at the price listed. Everything is included so you can budget and don't have to worry about random billing.

Our Services

We make choosing a plan simple. If you need a custom setup feel free to contact us for a quote.

Residential Service

Fixed wireless broadband internet right to your home where Cable and DSL can't reach. With High Rapid Networks, you can stream 24/7, work from home, game online all with No Data Caps and No Contracts!

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Business Service

Do you own a business? Let us provide you with the best customer service and Speed in Moffat County that can support 10+ business users. We are equipped to provide plans up to 1 Gbps.

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Receive Free Credits on Your Bill

Refer your friends and family to receive a $55.00 credit on your bill.